It feels weird when the world moves on without you. But that’s what it’s supposed to do.
Whenever a friend contacts me to have a meal or coffee, it’s a priority.
You have to preach the basics to yourself over and over again.

February 2023

Front porches are open invitations. They are void of schedules. You don’t have to call or text first. If people are on their porches, they are fair game…
Did you ever have a feeling that a car repair was going to be a hefty amount and then it actually came true? I told someone recently that a repair would…
The open road lends itself to deep(er) conversation. Take advantage of it.
Presence is important. No matter how busy I get, I want to keep that simple truth in mind as an adult.
A night that felt as close to heaven on earth as we’ll get before our Savior returns.

January 2023

The busyness and noisiness of life jar my soul. I realize now that I need to schedule some pilgrim time.
Why we need to redefine it.
Over the holidays, I compiled a short list of things I believe in. And I wanted to explore them here with you. The power of the table. On the night…
The heartaches of this world make us long for the day when the Father will restore all things to their rightful place.